was founded in the fall of 2008 as a repository for our collaborative comics. As our collection increased, we developed high standards for our low-brow humor. High Standards: 1. Frequent Updates. 2. Ink Only. 3.Accumulate 365 of our favorite comics & create a book.Check back soon for the newest comic.

May 30, 2009

Ima Genius

Alright this one is exactly what INK ANSWER
is all about. Fellow members Streisguth ,Burns and myself
christened there new home,with this great comic.  This is
simply drawing  panel and passing it on to the next person
with know prior knowledge of the comic. It's a bunch of fun.
hope you like.  

May 26, 2009

Ink Answer's Vegas Vacation

INK ANSWER is back in action after a sabbatical in Guam.  We're calling on our members to help revive it!! So check back daily. 
If you'd like to contribute, you can send e-mails to lawrencehburns@gmail.com or j.arnoldarnold@gmail.com

-only black & white