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June 3, 2010

The Grand Canyon

Well Well it looks like I am the only one posting on
Ink Answer, So It might as well fill ya up. Now as I was looking
through some old sketches, drawings, sketchbooks I came upon this.
This is a drawing I did a while back. I inked it and her she is. Now
for as long as I can remember I have loved the art work of the oversized sandwich.
Whether it be Garfield's sandwich's or those house of tomorrow cartoons
with the two mice. Any way I present to you The Grand Canyon in all it's glory.

...with fries


Mark A. Fionda Jr. said...

I'd post more Jimmy, but I got other comic deadlines I need to worry about.

I wish I had that sandwich about now though.

James T. Arnold said...

fionda seriously 6 minutes
is all ink answer asks of you
maybe 7.

Christine Larsen said...

Mmmm. delicious.

jennifer said...

hi there ..
my daughters 5th birthday is going to be a sandwich festival ...

was wondering if i can use your photo for a small scale email invitation for her birthday party?

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