was founded in the fall of 2008 as a repository for our collaborative comics. As our collection increased, we developed high standards for our low-brow humor. High Standards: 1. Frequent Updates. 2. Ink Only. 3.Accumulate 365 of our favorite comics & create a book.Check back soon for the newest comic.

October 21, 2010

200th Post

In honor of our 200th comic on Ink Answer we would like to give something back to our loyal fans. Our budget however does not allow for this. We can only do what we know best, and that would be good old fashion physical suffering. Our #1 fan is willing to take one for the team, and hold out until the next comic is posted.

What a Trooper !

See everyone in another 100 !!!

October 19, 2010

Secret 1998 Ad Leaked

Fortunately Ink Answer was able to dip into this years budget and purchase this gem. An unsuccessful, uncirculated 1998 ad campaign promoting healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle.

October 6, 2010

Party Skeleton

Napkin comic done post hangover. So, pardon its quality.

October 5, 2010


                 A little four panel action.

                  Plus blast from the past
                  ink answer contributor 
                  Paul Westerman.